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BTD .com : Three letter #domain leaves #China in reversal of current trend

Drew Rosener – Media Options.

Chinese domain investors have been buying short domains as an investment vehicle.

For the past three years, the market for short domains, such as two letter .com and three letter .com domains, has been booming.

We all know what happened to the LLLL .com market, but that’s another story.

In a trend reversal, BTD.com has changed hands, going from Chinese ownership to the Panamanian flag.

Drew Rosener of Media Options announced the acquisition of the premium three letter domain on social media:

Just acquired BTD.com !!! You know what they say, “Buy The Dip!”!!! Well I did…in more ways than one! Booyah! #BTD #BuyTheDip #BTFD

Interesting acronym indeed, as Bitcoin has plummeted in recent weeks. Drew Rosener is a believer in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

BTD.com is a domain registered in 1997. For many years it was under ownership of China United Telecom operating from chinaunicom.cn.

In July 2018 the domain was transferred to zhuyongjie888@foxmail.com who apparently bought it from the Chinese company.

Rosener’s acquisition price for BTD.com was not disclosed.

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  1. BullS says:

    BTD could be a good gay porn site… Bite the DickS!!

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