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Bulletproof hosting: Is the .com worth the $5k asking price?

Bulletproof hosting is the type of data hosting that allows the client to facilitate the content’s uptime and sustainability, evading specific laws that regulate content.

Long story short, bulletproof hosting typically assists cybercriminals to distribute illegal content, malware, and engage in digital piracy.

The term represents the type of lawlessness during the early years of the commercial internet. These days are gone, as two Eastern European men were sentenced for providing “bulletproof hosting” services, which were used by cybercriminals between 2009 to 2015 to distribute malware and attack financial institutions and victims throughout the United States.

The announcement by the Department of Justice shares the jail time these individuals are currently facing: 24 to 48 months in prison.


With all this in mind, is it worth paying up almost $5,000 dollars for the matching domain, BulletproofHosting.com?

Would you spend $5k on BulletproofHosting.com?

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