#BurningCat .com : Former Mike Mann asset rolled out #Oatmeal convention site

Oatmeal, a popular online comic and viral game producer, has launched Burning Cat, a gamers convention.

Operating from the domain BurningCat.com, the convention achieved 3,000 registrations within 2 hours of its launch.

According to Matthew Inman, producer of the game Exploding Kittens, here’s what the event is about:

“Burning Cat is a convention from the creators of Exploding Kittens. At this event things will happen. You will play games. You will learn things. People will talk. A large man will be dressed as a cat. You do not have to talk to this man. A cat might explode. We suggest you avoid this cat.”

And now for the fun part: the domain BurningCat.com was acquired from Mike Mann‘s Domain Market, not too long ago; most likely in November 2018.

How much did the creators of the Burning Cat convention pay for the domain?

An old parking page of BurningCat.com at Domain Market shows that the asking price was $2,000 dollars. It was eventually changed to an inquiry lander, so that price might have been different.

Great sale, Mike! 😀 Meow!

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