Bye bye, #Uniregistry DNS

In an update to its members, Uniregistry announced that its dedicated nameservers (DNS) will be changing to that of GoDaddy.

The migration involves no downtime and will involve the retirement of the and DNS.

Uniregistry has also announced that due to the ongoing unification of Uniregistry as a GoDaddy-owned brand, the option to create new Uniregistry accounts on has been removed. Fans of Uniregistry should be creating GoDaddy accounts instead.

In late 2021, Uniregistry announced that it will be pulling out of independent registrar services within the first half of 2022, clocking a decade of successful and popular services. All Uni accounts will seamlessly transition to GoDaddy, without the need to engage in domain transfers. Uniregistry was acquired by GoDaddy in early 2020.

Here’s the full email:

Following the unification of Uniregistry․com with our parent company GoDaddy․com, Uniregistry․com has decided to migrate DNS for all domains using Uniregistry DNS to’s DNS system. Please note that there are no expected changes or interruption to the domains’ DNS resolution or performance. In order to migrate the DNS, the Uniregistry name servers assigned to your domain(s) will change from ns1․uniregistry-dns․com, ns1․uniregistry-dns․net, ns2․uniregistry-dns․com, ns2․uniregistry-dns․net to GoDaddy’s “domaincontrol” name servers. Please reach out to with any questions.

Another part of our ongoing unification includes the decision to remove the option to create new accounts on the front of site/main page Uniregistry․com. If you’d like to create an account at GoDaddy, please visit

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2 Responses to “Bye bye, #Uniregistry DNS”
  1. Andrew says:

    Any work on DNS for the market? Will still work?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Andrew – AFAIK new domains added to the Uni Market still use buy/ DNS, but this might change.

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