Bye Dan: Sedo will keep its BIN landers at 10% commission

Domain investors are facing an unprecedented act by GoDaddy, that will be imposing a 25% commission on domains that are added on Afternic, Dan, or the Uni Market whilst not using their nameservers.

In effect from February 1st, the 25% commission is a massive “head tax” that attempts to terrorize domain investors that use their own landing pages, multiple venues, and those that use services that allow the user to pick and choose the transaction platform, such as

At the same time, users were hit particularly hard, as the standard 9% commission will be jacked up to 15%. The same price increase affects Uni Market users, another platform owned and operated by GoDaddy since 2020.

But no worries, to the rescue. The veteran platform uses its own MLS network (Sedo MLS) that includes GoDaddy mega-antagonist, NameCheap. Sedo is now reaching out to domain investors that are infuriated by the latest “dick move” at GoDaddy.

Commissions for the Sedo landers are remaining at a reasonable 10% when BIN is involved.

The standard commission at Sedo for “make offer” landers is set at 15%. In other words, domain investors that want to sell domain names with a fixed price, are better off heading out to Sedo than staying at – a GoDaddy brand – as they will be paying 6% less in commission fees.

Sedo is a well-established company with millions of domain names in its marketplace.

Note: Sedo is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. So is Dan, until January 31st. This post reflects our own opinion and does not reflect actions or opinions of our sponsors.

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4 Responses to “Bye Dan: Sedo will keep its BIN landers at 10% commission”
  1. MapleDots says:

    The problem with Sedo is the verification, to do it on hundreds of domains is too time consuming.

    Unless I can change all nameservers to Sedo, list the domains and then change them back but even then I lose all the forwards I had set and those are also in the hundreds.

    This whole dan issue is a big headache for anyone wanting to use their own name servers. I point to my landers but also sold at dan etc. At 25% that is now out of the question.

  2. Peter says:

    Also , remember . Sav landers are just 4% ( but they have in-direct fees) , DaaZ landers cost just 5% BIN listings. S.H White label 7.5%.
    Domainers better to start looking out to spread the competition. But domainers wont stop crying as they knew very well they cant avoid GD, everyone has to love GD. Not much choice they have!

  3. John says:

    Sedo will keep its BIN landers at 10% commission………….for now. That’s what the Sedo rep said. They could easily raise them at any time. And Dan has the Lease to Own option, I don’t believe Sedo has that. More people outside the domaining world have also probably heard of GoDaddy and more comfortable buying a domain from a GoDaddy branded marketplace vs. Sedo.

  4. Sedo says:

    Thanks for your candid feedback on the verification process.
    The TXT option is the best and most likely the fastest option to verify your domains. It’s also a common use and not that different from updating DNS. Verifying domains improves the integrity of the marketplace and gives buyers the security and confidence they need when purchasing domains on our platform that the owner is who they say they are.
    Unfortunately Sedo has no direct access to update TXT records at a registrar on the customer’s behalf. But usually registrars are willing to help someone who owns many domains to make the needed changes.
    If you have any questions about verification, you can find more answers here:
    But our support team will be more than happy to help you aswell!

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