Cache of domains stolen from an eNom account

Domain thieves have more options now to sell their stolen domains on numerous marketplaces.

Domain thieves take advantage of registrars that are not helping out the victims.

Yet another domain theft was unveiled: A group of domains that were pushed away from an eNom customer’s account, were then transferred out to GoDaddy.

Despite the Chinese owner’s proof of ownership and other provided details about how these left his account, eNom deemed the transfers to be “legitimate” and has not acted upon requesting these domains from the gaining registrar.

Practically, what that means is that the owner’s username and password were used to facilitate the transfer out; this is akin to stealing the owner’s keys and driving off with their parked car.

The stolen domains are mostly numerics or words that mean something in Chinese; some have high Google PR rankings (5-7) according to their owner:


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  1. Louise says:

    Owning a domain name is like a liability, because if you make something of it, the vultures circle. You have to worry about it getting stolen. But, if you don’t have one, and build on blogger platform, or twitter/facebook, you get to keep your content.

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