#California #cannabis : First Internet blogger rolls out #Bud dot .com

Justin Hall, founder of Bud.com.

Justin Hall, over referred to as the first blogger on the Internet, has been a pioneer since 1994.

Barely 20 at the time, Justin set forth to conquer the open space that Internet audiences provided and he shared his innermost thoughts via the web site Links.net.

For the past 23 years, Justin Hall has been the proud registrant of Bud.com, a domain name that is in direct reference to the cannabis flower.

Now, after all this time, and with the state of California legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, Bud.com is ripe for launch.

According to an earlier version of Bud.com:

[… it] was founded in California in December 1994. We believed that this medicinal plant could help humankind be happier and healthier. But first we needed to change the laws to allow people safe access without fear.

In 1996 we passed legal medicinal cannabis in California. In 2016 we passed recreational cannabis in California. There are lots of places wrestling with the proper position of pot in society. California is heading towards the end of that wrestling match, and it looks like compassionate good sense is winning out.

Now let’s figure out how to share this plant in a safe, smart, sustainable way. If you have strong ideas along these lines, please contact justin@bud.com. I’ve held on to this domain for 22 years and it’s never been a better time to properly spark up this URL.

It seems that the domain Bud.com is now actively in pre-launch mode, although it does not actively fulfill orders.

According to the new business plan displayed at Bud.com:

“bud.com is a place where you might find legal marijuana for delivery, if you live in the parts of Northern California that we serve. We deliver legal cannabis to patients in Northern California.  We plan to grow our reach into more of California during 2017 and 2018. We don’t yet have plans to serve other states beyond California, but keep on working to legalize this plant and we hope to serve you some day, somewhere beyond the golden state.”

For more information visit Bud.com or go straight to the FAQ.

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