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Can Fadi Chehadé get a break? New .CEO domain already ‘reserved’ !


Two years ago, when Fadi Chehadé became interim CEO of ICANN, someone moved fast and registered FadiChehade.com – but that wasn’t Fadi himself.

To this day, the domain is still not in the hands of the now president and CEO of ICANN; and if that were not troubling enough, the dot .CEO is now gone as well.


With dot .CEO in general availability as of today, FadiChehade.ceo has been selectively reserved by PeopleBrowsr, the Australian company behind dot .CEO, dot .Best and dot .Kred. The domain resolves to a proprietary content management system, called Social OS.

Such arbitrary reservations of domains can be dangerous, however, as not everyone desires to maintain a domain and web site; even if they are the CEO of ICANN.

Other notable dot .CEO domains that have been reserved include:

There are approximately 135 dot .CEO domains in the zone files today. Will you get your own .CEO domain?

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2 Responses to “Can Fadi Chehadé get a break? New .CEO domain already ‘reserved’ !”
  1. James says:

    I was interested in interviewing the man behind the new gtld’s on my segment on the Sky Business Channel. After performing some due diligence on the company and the business model, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen around every digital corner. I view this as name sake hijacking and monetizing someone’s success by way of “pay or get it taken”. I’ll be professional and only say that I’m not a fan.

    I won’t be participating.


  2. DomainGang says:

    James – A strange method to attract attention to a domain and gTLD surely.

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