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Canadian domainers: Happy Thanksgiving!

Welcome to Canada - we don't lock our doors eh?

Canadian domainers are cool, eh!

Everything is done differently in Canada, as the makers of “Fubar” and “Fubar 2: Balls to the wall” showed us.

To most Americans, Canada is the great, mostly English-speaking nation to the north of the Niagara Falls, where beavers, hockey and Canadian bacon come from.

Since 1957, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the 2nd Monday in October, which is today.

A big hello and Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian (or Canada-residing) domainer friends: Bill Kara, Adam Dicker, Frank Michlik, Ilze Kaulins, Shaun Pilford, Zak Muscovitch, Joshua Pelissero and George Kirikos.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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2 Responses to “Canadian domainers: Happy Thanksgiving!”
  1. George Kirikos says:

    And Happy Columbus Day to our US friends.

  2. Josh says:

    Thank you Lucius, yours is coming soon! It is actually my favorite one… Football and all 🙂

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