Cancun no more : #ICANN67 will offer virtual buffet to all online attendees!

ICANN67 is ground-breaking; leaving Cancun behind, the conference is switching to remote participation mode, saving ICANN tens of thousands of dollars.

“Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), ICANN67 will no longer be held in Cancún, Mexico. Instead, the Public Meeting will be held via remote participation only.”

The conference will now take place online, with full services rendered, including a virtual buffet.

“We offer the very best hospitality to our multisteak-holder participants, who will enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvres, specially made breads and desserts from our virtual buffet,” said the ICANN67 committee manager, Alumba Kambugogo.

“Come, enjoy our menu, select the food icons and drop them into your virtual avatar, satisfying your hunger. ICANN67 will be in the books, as the best virtual gathering of peoples united against the coronavirus disease!” exclaimed Kambugogo.

To participate in the ICANN67 meeting, you need to register, and you will receive 3000 credits in ICANN coin, which you can spend on the virtual buffet. You can also control eligible female members with your mouse and ask them to make you a sandwich, if you prefer home-made food.

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