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Castello Brothers: Domain portfolio price quote was wrong

moneyA couple of days ago, a beefy domain portfolio of the Castello Brothers was made available for sale – the price quoted was $1.2 billion dollars.

While many acted shocked at the asking price, there is an update by the broker, Jonas Broderick, who stated:

“I’m very sorry about the mistaken quote that went out the other day about the domain portfolio, it was a typo and I did not mean to make that price public. The domain portfolio is still available, for $1.2 trillion dollars.”

Michael Cyger of DomainSherpa noted that they will do a 48 hour documentary, discussing the potential of every domain in detail.

The announcement sent out waves of relief across the domain industry; domainers could not believe the initial asking price that was deemed too low.

“Folks, finally seeing some decent numbers for a portfolio of 30 dot .com domains, I keep saying that dot .com is king and gTLDs are a big joke,” said Rick Schwartz, adding: “The asking price for SaveMe.com is now $25 billion, since Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany. Suck it, Marcio Mello!”

The new asking price of $1.2 trillion dollars for the Castello Brothers domain portfolio, is on a par with recent revelations about the GoDaddy acquisition of Google’s registrar division, for $4.8 billion dollars.

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4 Responses to “Castello Brothers: Domain portfolio price quote was wrong”
  1. Vidfie says:

    Damn i just got it up to one billion in crowd funding !!

  2. Well that would really raise the bar. I think with all the money being printing these days, we may well see a trillionaire soon enough. And, I hope its a domainer!

  3. Mash says:

    LOL, I laughed so much when you revealed it was 1.2 trillion…lol

  4. brand says:

    Hmmm… let me think, at a trillion i may have a bit left in the bank for my everyday expenses.
    Now if they go up to a GAZILLION, i’m afraid i’m out of the picture.

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