Catering Los Angeles : Sam Aidun’s receives high praise

Sam Aidun –

Sam Aidun is a multi-entrepreneur, a domain industry veteran and a talented musician with a fun edge.

Two years ago, we covered Sam’s gastronomic venture,, and today we’re covering another localized venture, Hollywood Cater.

Operating from the web site, the business provides access to the greatest Caterers and Catering Companies in and around Hollywood, helping you find the best without wasting time and money on the rest.

Voyage LA magazine, a publication on trending and inspiring stories in Los Angeles, recently provided coverage on

“We are known for providing a modern solution to the Catering Problem in L.A. – too many Caterers with too many menus with too many people having too many tastes and cultures.

Today finding the best caterers and catering companies for your event in Hollywood and neighboring cities can be done free & easily.”

Congratulations to Sam for his new catering venture in LA’s Hollywood!

Read the full article at, titled “Meet Sam Aidun of Hollywood’s Best Catering in Hollywood.

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