CBS 60 Minutes: #NameFind is about to ask all the!

President Donald Trump has leaked the CBS 60 Minutes interview footage – all 38 minutes of it – claiming that its “tough questions” were not originally agreed upon.

Trump was interviewed by correspondent Lesley Stahl, who conducted the interview at the White House.

Apparently, Donald Trump expected the interview to be a soft, public relations context, hence his displeasure with the actual questions about the failing economy and the disaster on handling the Coronavirus pandemic.

CBS stated in part:

“The White House’s unprecedented decision to disregard their agreement with CBS News and release their footage will not deter 60 Minutes from providing its full, fair and contextual reporting which presidents have participated in for decades.”

Asking “tough questions” is now trending on social media, with the #toughquestions hashtag. Which leads to the matching .com domain name, – Owned by NameFind

NameFind, the domain repository arm of GoDaddy, owns the domain and is offering it for sale on its Afternic platform for $6,499 dollars.

Registered in 2002, is part of a domain portfolio acquired by GoDaddy in 2016, belonging to Traffic Names Ltd.

Would the Joe Biden campaign acquire the domain to expose Donald Trump, or would the Donald Trump campaign acquire it to attack Joe Biden?

In the world of political domains, anything is possible. 😀

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