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‘Celebrity guru’ lands registration of TupacHologram.com

Ari Admani made news recently, after registering – some would call it, squatting – the name of Genevieve Sabourin, the Canadian stalker of actor Alec Baldwin.

The ‘celebrity and fashion guru‘ who seems to go after names related to celebrities, went after TupacHologram.com, according to top WHOIS tool, DomainTools.

If you haven’t read the celebrity news recently, an animated hologram of long-dead rapper, Tupac, performed “live” at Coachella – an annual festival of music and arts.

Registering a celebrity’s name, even if they are dead, is still considered domain squatting, particularly when the person’s estate manages a sizable amount of royalties, as in the case of Tupac Shakur.

We aren’t sure what Ari Admani plans to do with the domain TupacHologram.com, which seems to forward to his primary web site, AriAdmani.com

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4 Responses to “‘Celebrity guru’ lands registration of TupacHologram.com”
  1. Darryl says:

    I own http://tupac-hologram.com/ you want it, I am selling it.

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Darryl – No karma points for you.

  3. Worldne.ws says:

    worst kinda fanboys ……..hyphen holgrams !

  4. Darryl says:

    I saw an example of St-patricks-day.com vs. Stpatricksday.com, you would be wrong if you guessed the domain with hyphens got more traffic on ST Patricks Day! I make my own Karma.

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