Celestial domains : Life on #Venus and even on Uranus!

When it comes down to life on other planets, scientists are hopeful.

Even if God created the universe in just 6 days, we surely can’t be the only life in one quadrillion galaxies.

News of discovering life on Venus, although it’s probably a very hot organism at 900 degrees, excited scientists once again.

Naturally, as domain investors, we did what domain investors do: Looked up the domain LifeOnVenus.com.

It’s taken, unfortunately. So what about the other celestial bodies, planets, and nano-planets of our solar system?

Let’s have a look.

  • LifeOnMercury.com – Registered in 2016, developed
  • LifeOnVenus.com – Registered in 2006, for sale
  • LifeOnEarth.com – Registered in 1998
  • LifeOnMars.com -Registered in 2001, for sale
  • LifeOnJupiter.com – Registered in 2001, developed
  • LifeOnSaturn.com – Registered in 2016, for sale
  • LifeOnUranus.com – Registered in 2020, for sale
  • LifeOnNeptune.com – Registered in 2011
  • LifeOnPluto.com – Registered in 2017, for sale

Did you know the domain LifeOnMars.com is part of Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio that was sold to GoDaddy? 😀

Now you do.

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