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Change of the game: Flippa creates new listing process for domains and web sites


Flippa.com – The domain and web site aftermarket from Down Under

A new press release has been sent out by Flippa – the Australia-based venue to buy and sell domains and web sites:

San Francisco, CA and Melbourne, AUS (December 3, 2012) – Flippa.com, the world’s #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites, launched today a new listing system that will make the process simpler and increase the chance of a sale.

After studying the buyer search function and pin pointing exactly what they look for when searching for sites to purchase, the new listing process asks sellers the pertinent questions helping to ensure that the site listed will appear in all keyword searches. Flippa.com also makes it easier to list, with 50% fewer clicks needed to post a listing. For example, Flippa automatically detects how your site is implemented and adds the relevant information to the listing. The new process is also easier to navigate, starting at step one and taking sellers through the listing steps.

“Simplifying the listing process is something that our customers have been asking for,” stated Dave Slutzkin, CEO of Flippa.com. “We took an outside the box look at the process and other best practices within the online auction industry, and came up with a system that is not only easier to use, but benefits both sellers and buyers of web properties.”

When customers create a listing, Flippa now asks for basic information about the virtual property and makes suggestions for the listing, including a descriptive title and an optimal listing duration. Flippa has moved non-core functions — such as adding a Buy-It-Now price — until after the listing is live, in order to get websites in front of buyers sooner. The option to edit a listing after it is live was also scrapped from the process, to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout an auction. By having sellers carefully review their listing before it goes live, buyers will also see a complete, polished listing from the moment it’s set to live.

Flippa listing process video overview.

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