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Charlotte Mckinney : Beauty and the dot .CO

Stunning model Charlotte Mckinney has been busting out with popularity in recent months; the Orlando, Florida native has been compared to Kate Upton due to her natural good looks.

Both share a similar physical appearance and are the same age; Charlotte Mckinney stands out for one more reason: She owns a dot .CO domain for her portfolio.

The dot .com registrant appears to be one of these cases where someone pretends to be oblivious to the famous person by the same name, and displays irrelevant content on the web site.

Such practice is not uncommon, for example, don’t believe for a second that ‘little Justin‘ is behind JustinBieber.com. 😉

Charlotte Mckinney utilizes her domain, CharlotteMckinney.CO to promote her photos and social media profiles, and she’s very active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The domain appears to have been registered in early 2015, according to DomainTools.

We wish Charlotte Mckinney all the best for a successful career in modeling, and beyond! 😀

Charlotte Mckinney photo results from Google search.

Charlotte Mckinney photo results from Google search.

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