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Chatroulette Inc opposes older trademark application


It's business as usual for the monkey-spankers on Chatroulette.

In February we wrote about Chatroulettethe playground of chronic flashers and masturbators – and the company’s failure to secure a trademark from the get go.

In that story, we revealed how a Swiss based corporation was quick to apply for the US trademark for ‘Chatroulette’ when they filed for it a whole year before the actual operators of the Chatroulette.com web site.

The Swiss application was opposed by the Chatroulette, Inc. company that operates the infamous monkey-spanking web site.

Listed as Defendant and Plaintiff respectively, the two trademark applicants initiated an uphill battle in March.

In August, the Plaintiff – Chatroulette, Inc. – announced a change in their attorney lineup; a 30 day notice that started in mid September expires this coming Friday.

After that, the proceedings will commence.

Whether it’s a technicality or an attempt by Chatroulette, Inc. to gain some time in order to better defend their case against the Swiss company it remains to be seen.

Until then, Chatroulette.com visitors are expected to keep their pants on or get booted from the web site.




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One Response to “Chatroulette Inc opposes older trademark application”
  1. ph says:

    Is this the same bunch fighting over ChokeTheChicken.com

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