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Chef Patrick rocks the gTLD market with ‘Bottom Of The Dot’ domain venue!

Bottom Of The Dot - a gTLD time capsule.

Bottom Of The Dot – a gTLD time capsule.

If you’ve been wondering, what on earth is Chef Patrick doing these days, you’re not alone.

The busy domain broker is engaged full time in his real estate business, among other ventures and has zero time for blogging.

But don’t count the Chefster out, not just yet; a new joint venture called Bottom Of The Dot aspires to become the first domain venue and time capsule for gTLDs.

“I’ve read about LeftOfTheDot and RightOfTheDot and that’s all fine and dandy,” said Chef Patrick, while doing bicep curls at his office, to maintain his amazing physique.

“What I want to do is document everyone’s opinion on the future of gTLDs, have it on record – and we’ll do that at BottomOfTheDot.com, a new venue to eventually sell your gTLDs or mourn the loss of your cash!” exclaims Chef Patrick, while completing an intense set of cowbell pulls.

The concept is simple: domainers will be asked to write down their predictions on the future of the gTLDs and their statements will be locked in a virtual time-capsule, to be opened in the year 2023.

Chef Patrick plans to offer the service for free, as a promotion for his real estate business, Super Home Buyer.

We can’t wait for the Bottom Of The Dot to get rolling! 😀

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