Chef Patrick’s New Movie promotes DNCruise

Chef Patrick’s upcoming DNCruise in September is met with anticipation by most domainers – except those that suffer from the “Titanic anxiety”.

However, the domain conference is bound to be a big success, as Gregg McNair said while skipping on soaping his hands.

Chef Patrick will be launching the conference with a blast: a short movie, called “DNCruise 2” will hit the big screen tomorrow, July 16th.

“I plan to directly compete with Harry Potter’s latest and greatest movie”, said the Chefster while biting down on a fresh deli sandwich. “Don’t miss it and let me remind you that cruise conferences are sexy!”

Below is the official poster of Chef Patrick’s new promotional movie for DNCruise.

Chef Patrick – DNCruise 2 – It all starts September 5th

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