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Cherry popped: Rick Schwartz registers .XYZ domain name!


Did you have your .XYZ cherry popped yet, or are you one of the .XYZ haters? 😀

According to dot .XYZ CEO, Daniel Negari, a significant ‘endorsement’ of XYZ has occurred: Rick Schwartz has registered an XYZ domain name.

Whoa nelly! Could it be Rick.xyz ? 😀

Negari’s tweet made it clear:

“Popped rick Schwartz cherry. He just bought a .xyz #domainking”


Despite having a new blog post out, Negari does not seem to be addressing the XYZ numbers issue that many domainers pointed out.

Still, a domain registration by Rick Schwartz seems to be steering XYZ to the right direction. Shame someone from India already grabbed TRAFFIC.xyz.

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17 Responses to “Cherry popped: Rick Schwartz registers .XYZ domain name!”
  1. Ms Domainer says:


    So, then, the domain in registered under proxy.

    How do we know it’s Rick’s registration?

    And if it is, why is ceo.xyz narking Rick out?


  2. Don’t pop the champayne cork just yet

  3. DomainGang says:

    Rick – Alas, champagne.xyz is taken 😀 Do you plan to use Unethical.xyz as a pure keyword, or in conjunction with the XYZ gaming of numbers?

    Ms Domainer – 😀

  4. I guess it gives me a choice depending how things unfold.

  5. brand says:

    From what i have read today….Unethical.xyz fits very well.

  6. Popped. Looks like a pure play defensive registration Rick. Unethical.com Unethical.co

  7. Ms Domainer says:


    What kind of ceo snitches on a customer who has purchased a privacy registration, which is pricey at Go Daddy?

    Your ethics, Daniel Negari, leave a lot to be desired.

    One can argue whether a gTLD is good or lousy, but when it comes to ethical behavior, there is no debate — one is ethical or not.

    And you and your pallie Net Sol are not.


  8. vidfie says:

    (secret king) ……..Hush

  9. Ms. Domainer

    Responded to a tip someone sent me; The name does not have privacy.

    Apparently some people are confused on who is selling / doing what. I will do my best to educate the market on how the process works. It is not the 1 or 2 complainers out there; Think about the tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

    We are going out of our way as a registry to help the registrant.

    What other registry is doing that? I care about the domaining industry, thats what got me where I am today.



  10. vidfie says:

    can we please have .123 instead

  11. Ms Domainer says:



    Looks like privacy registration to me, unless Rick has changed his name to “Domains by Proxy.”


  12. Please Daniel no more education. We have had enough.
    Please leave us at our ignorance.

  13. Ms Domainer says:


    Okay, I see that Daniel hasn’t specifically pointed at rick.xyz as being Rick’s.

    Ethical.xyz does not appear to be registered at all.

    Rick.xyz may very well be owned by someone else.

    I want to be clear on that.


  14. Please read Rick Schwartz’ comment


  15. Han Solo says:

    Rick.xyz is now on auction at Godaddy

  16. Ty says:

    Lol, really!

  17. Ty says:

    who cares!!!!!.xyz

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