#Chicken.com : Is the #domain now owned by a small restaurant in #Cardiff?

If you want some great tasting chicken, you might want to go to Chicken.com –  a fast food joint in Cardiff, Wales.

The name of the store promises some deliciousness and apparently they have a great local followship.

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Rick Latona, visited the place after spotting “Chicken.com” in the restaurant’s sign.

Rick shared with us another instance when, during a trip to the Philippines, he noticed a candy store with a “Candy.com” sign. That owner told him he liked “how cool” the name sounded.

Neither one of these businesses seems to own the matching .com. Chicken.com is still owned by Digimedia.

The Cardiff restaurant operates from ChickenDotComCardiff.co.uk.

Thanks Rick for sharing this delicious domain! 😀

Chicken.com appears in Cardiff.

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