China’s #eName joins the spamming crowd of registrar “brokers”

Phuck all spammers.

China’s eName joins the crowd of registrar “brokers” that spam domain owners with unsolicited offers.

If you thought that GoDaddy’s practice of using a team of brokers to reach out on behalf of their customers was frustrating enough, here come the Chinese.

The practice is the same: both eName and GoDaddy, are registrars that email domain owners who actually park their domains with a contact form and often, a BIN price – for example, at the Uniregistry Market.

By ignoring these existing landers, these spamming services offer zero value to their customers, all while collecting fees.

The eName spam email can be seen below:


Nice to contact with you.

This is Joe from . I have a buyer interested in your domain < redacted >.

Please kindly reply to me your price, so i can further discuss.

If you have other domains for sale, you can also contact me.

eName is the largest domain registrar and escrow services company in China, CNNIC first recommended transaction platform. We have great experiences in domain escrow . A lot of premium domains were purchased through eName escrow, such as,, , .

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Best regards


We would advise against using the domain “brokerage” services of such spamming companies that send unsolicited emails about domain names that are clearly listed for sale on domain venues, quite often with a BIN price.

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