Chinese CHIP domains : Make a web site to entrepreneurship!

Only those letters are allowed in China.

Only these letters are good in China.

If you have LLLL .com domains, you’re probably being flooded on a daily basis with domain inquiries from China.

Mike Berkens has said that he’d spend 2 hours daily answering those emails. After selling these to GoDaddy, he has 2.5 extra free days every month! πŸ˜€

With the base price being around $2200 dollars according to ChaoMi, it comes as no surprise that Chinese domain spammers are eager to flip them for profit.

One of the silliest emails in recent days, is the following one; it’s a variation of the “poor student” email:

[domains redacted] $1300 USD/each or 8500 RMB – If you sell please tell me.

Friend hello I am a graduate student,

and intends to make a web site to entrepreneurship,

Β the friend recommended several domain name,

you are one of them, would you like to sell your domain name to me?

Β If have bother please forgive me. Thanks we are really hope you will reply for our Email!

Silly low-baller.

Many thanks to Dale for sharing with us this funny and entirely time-wasting email inquiry from China. πŸ˜€

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2 Responses to “Chinese CHIP domains : Make a web site to entrepreneurship!”
  1. Robert says:

    I always get a kick out of these
    $ 1300 USD / each or (8500 RMB RMB / each)

    If you sell please tell me.
    If you shot, please tell me.

    Sincerely we hope to respond directly, or leave your Q, Q or micro signal.

    The price is right or need to adjust the first time we will contact and conduct transactions without ink!

    Hello, I have a crush on your domain name for a long time,

    contact him many times, there has been no response,

    if sell me, please leave your contact information

    thank you!

    we are really hope you will reply for our Email!

  2. DomainiNames says:

    You gotta love these chinese guys!

    They try to buy everything for peanuts but if you enquire about domains they own you’ll mostly get a five figure price for any $10 name they bought πŸ™‚

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