Chinese domain investor gobbles up all .BlackFriday numerics

Black Friday nightmares.

Black Friday is tomorrow.

If you waited too long to register .BlackFriday numeric domains, the party’s almost over.

The specialized gTLD from Uniregistry might be used one day in a year, but a certain genre, numeric domains, is very popular with the Chinese.

Hong Yu Ming of Beijing, China, is a serial entrepreneur looking to export the Black Friday madness to China.

Black Friday is the consumer-oriented aftermath of Thanksgiving in the US, where millions of Americans full of turkey wrestle for $9.99 juicers and $999 4k television sets.

As of today, Hong Yu Ming is the registrant of all NNN, NNNN and NNNNN dot .BlackFriday domain names.

“We’ve been following Mr. Yu Ming’s impressive domain registration activity in other gTLDs, and .BlackFriday is the latest one of his feats,” said Frank Schilling of Uniregistry.

“Savvy domain investors from China will eventually own every number in every gTLD in every possible combination, happy Thanksgiving!” exclaimed Frank Schilling, raising a glass of wine.

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