Chinese #domain investors are interested in acquiring

China might want

A conglomerate of Chinese domain investors are having big plans for

Huang Xi Investments of Shanghai, China, holds onto $4.5 billion dollars in cash and liquid assets; it has already acquired the Chinese domain for an unspecified amount.

Selling the matching domain of the cash-strapped United States Postal Service might be the final answer to the organization’s financial problems.

With US elections coming up on November 3rd, the US Post Office has taken dozens of mail sorting machines offline, to conserve electricity, and to eradicate pests such as rats that have crawled into them.

“In 2021 China surpass US in industrial production by 5% and China need more mail delivery,” said Dang Ma Xi, secretary of Huang Xi Investments to the Communist Party of China.

“We buy, we have good delivery control all over US, China, friendship establish broken by president Trump,” added Dang Ma Xi.

Such “Chinese letters” domains have increased in value since 2015.

Domain investor and analyst, Ragazzo Greciano, is a specialist in LLLL .com valuation. He believes that should fetch good money in the domain aftermarket, given the sheer traffic of its web site:

“Ecco, this domain is price high value, you type fast and read like “oosps” an expression for surprise, no? I valuate high, molto high, perhap $60 million dollar or more, no?”

Using a free domain evaluation tool, however, we see that the estimated market value of the domain name is $3,885 dollars. The US Post Office might need to prepare an official appraisal from GoDaddy, before negotiating with the Chinese.

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