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Chinese domain market : Marry a Chinese girl to get sales going!

Unmarried women over 27 in China, are "leftovers."

Unmarried women over 27 in China, are “leftovers.”

China’s large economy and sheer population size are fascinating.

The 2nd largest economy in the world combines today’s modern, technology-driven world, with several millennia of history and culture.

Starting a business in China as a foreigner, is far from easy. There are lots of provisions in place to make your path very difficult.

We are told, that the easiest way to launch a successful business in China, is to marry a Chinese national, then form the corporation in their name. There are plenty of willing brides in the 27+ range.

As long as you trust them as a spouse, you’ll be rolling out the next mobile app and make millions! 😀

Chinese domain market sales have been ok for the most part recently. Not exactly party time, but we are noticing a surge in prices and volume. Let’s hope it will continue this way.

We keep track of short domains being sold among the Chinese, with a focus on 2-4 characters and in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Here is today’s list of domain names:


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