Chinese domain market report : Better “Chips” sales this year?


Welcome to the first edition of the Chinese domain market report for 2017.

We analyze trends and sales of short domains, between 1 to 4 characters, in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs. Sometimes we bend the rules a little bit, to include other notable domain sales outside this range.

Last year delivered a disastrous off-cliff drop for the “Chinese premium” letters market.

Volume was inconsistent but overall about 20% lower than 2015, a record year. Domain prices for so-called “Chips” lost a massive 60% on average, and even LLL .com domains with “Chinese premium” letters suffered a decline in prices.

The only part of the market that continued to remain solid, is the LL .com market, with Chinese companies and wealthy investors gobbling up some two letter .com domains.

The question every domain investor is asking right now, is whether the Chinese domain market will be up or down in 2017.

First, the bad news: The Yuan lost more than 7% of its value against the USD since January 1st.

What that means, is that products that are not made in China are more expensive, and that makes domain acquisitions more expensive as well.

We foresee that a number of domain investors from China will proceed with domain liquidation of their assets, as long as this downwards trend continues.

But it’s not the time to panic.

Experienced domain investors perform due diligence and avoid investing all their money in one genre or vertical.

We foresee that Westerners might pick up a considerable amount of “Chips” at this point, taking advantage of the falling prices.

Here is the first domain list for 2017, of short domains that changed hands in China:

The list spans January 1st, to January 9th, 2017.

Domain trading volume is considerably higher than the last weeks of 2016. The majority of the domains are in the .CN ccTLD.

Notable mentions: 8.CO, and

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