Chinese domain market report : China issues fines, delivers censorship

The Chinese government issued large fines against its own technology giants, for not complying with censorship guidelines.

Baidu, Tencent and Sina Weibo were fined up to 500,000 yuan each ($75,000 dollars) for not doing their best to combat pornography, violence and other prohibited content. China recently pulled the plug on unlicensed VPN providers.

In recent months, China’s government increased the pressure on Internet service companies, in an obvious attempt to impose tighter control; the Communist Party Congress takes place on October 18th.

Meanwhile, the Chinese domain market has sustained its pricing levels, hovering just below the $1,000 mark for the “Chinese premium” letters in LLLL .COM.

Domain sales volume has remained quite healthy as we enter Q4 of 2017, which should be good news for Chinese domain investors.

We keep track of short domains, between 1 and 4 characters, changing hands in China, for the .COM, .NET and .CN TLDs.

Today’s list spans September 14th to October 2nd, for a total of 873 domains.

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