Chinese domain market report : China thrives on VPN use

If you live in China, many western destinations are blocked by the Great Firewall.

Popular web sites such as Google and Facebook are not directly accessible by the average Chinese Internet user.

According to Internet Live Stats, China has a staggering 721.4 million Internet users, with a population penetration of 52.2%.

The obvious solution to bypassing the Great Firewall of China, is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN.)

With NBC coverage of the Olympics being so crappy, Americans turn to VPNs to watch the live streaming of the games on other countries’ TV networks, such as BBC (UK) or CBC (Canada.)

Today’s Chinese domain market report is late thanks to this wonderful use of VPN access, and we can see how Chinese weightlifter, Xiang Yanmei, made China proud by winning the gold at the women’s 69 kg category. 😀

Xiang Yanmei wins gold for China. Photo courtesy BBC.

Xiang Yanmei wins gold for China. Photo courtesy BBC.

Back to domain names.

We keep track of short domains that change ownership in China, between 2 to 4 characters in length.

Focusing on .CN, .COM and .NET domains, we sometimes break the mold, as today a single character, .CC domain has changed hands.

Here is today’s list, and back to you Bob Costas – Not! 😀

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