Chinese domain market report : China’s ChiNext is dropping fast, so how about them “Chips” ?


China’s “Nasdaq” index is a small-caps share gauge, and just about to become cheaper than the Nasdaq Composite Index, for the first time.

After raising $21 billion dollars from share sales between 2014 – 2016, the 100 ChiNext members posted a combined profit of “only” $17 billion dollars.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, that activity was paired with a negative combined free cash flow for the same period.

So how is the domain “Chips” market doing?

We have not posted an update on the Chinese domain market for a month, and this cumulative report represents coverage of the June 26th – July 24th period.

We would expect that sales volume is going to be up, for domains that changed hands in China, between 1 and 4 characters in length, and for the .COM, .NET and .CN TLDs.

Overall, the sales volume does not reflect a typical 30 days worth of domain transactions, and in past years that number would be three or four times as much.

Here is the combined domain list below, which contains 1759 domain names:


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