Chinese domain market report : Chips are selling still

Domain sales Made in China.

Domain sales Made in China.

The Chinese domain market is delivering a performance spike, just a few days after the World Domain Conference ended in China. The event was organized by

This is great news for domain investors willing to part with their “Chinese premium” domains, also known as “Chips.”

We’re witnessing an increase in the volume of sales, although not necessarily an average price increase.

Domain chips still form the bulk of domains being traded among the Chinese, along with numeric domains.

Daily, we keep track of short domains, between 2 to 4 characters, that are traded in China. The focus is on .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Today’s list shows a Mr “Wang Wen Hua” as the buyer of many Chinese premium letter LLLL com domains. As many as 27 domains on the list below are now in his possession.

There are also a few numeric domains on that list, and a two letter .CN domain:

Whether it’s a single buyer acquiring large domain portfolios of XQZJ domains, or many domain investors, the market is up in comparison to previous weeks.

Let’s hope the upwards trend will continue!


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