Chinese domain market report : Did we jinx it?

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

The Chinese domain market has been doing great in recent weeks; we even reported a LL .com sale yesterday.

And yet, the volume of sales has not been consistent, to the point of making us feel reserved about the remaining summer months ahead.

Still, slowdowns occur in every business, and we require a larger set of data to establish trends.

But we cannot omit sharing how disappointed we are at the latest list of short domains being traded in China.

As we keep track of .CN, .COM and .NET domains of 2-4 characters in length, we always look forward to sharing good news with the domain community.

Not so much today, as the list fits on the back of a napkin. Here it is below:

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One Response to “Chinese domain market report : Did we jinx it?”
  1. Mike says:

    Are 4-L chips still low, or its value goes finally up? For how much they sell in China now?

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