Chinese Domain Market Report for April 4th, 2015

Made in China - the triple x version.

Chinese domain Market report.

Some solid short names in this edition of the Chinese Domain Market report, where we take a look at what short or numeric domains were moved to registrants in China.

But first, a quick Chinese joke:

Q: What do you call a Chinese billionaire?

A: Cha Ching.

Onto today’s list: – Sold to a Lei Shengqiang. – Acquired by – Yan Zhou bought this one – Looks like it has just been sold. – Looks like it has just been sold to the same registrant as – For sale by Mars Domain. – Has been sold; private WHOIS. – Acquired by Mr. Kang Gengsheng, they also own – Acquired by Mars Domain. – Acquired by Mars Domain. – Available for sale. – Acquired by Mars Domain. – For sale. – For sale via Domain Holdings.

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