Chinese domain market report : Is China going back to Bitcoin?

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

After the massive stock market crash that occurred in China last summer, Chinese investors rushed to stash their money in different investment vessels.

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency designed to establish secure, signed transactions, became very popular in China.

Chinese investors proceeded to tackle domain names next, moving into the numeric and short domain namespace in droves. Domain “chip” prices subsequently dropped, after their December 2015 all-time high.

The current surge in Bitcoin prices could well attract Chinese domain investors back to the cryptocurrency, as domains don’t perform as well and liquidity is dependent on strict parameters that can’t be overridden by constant hype.

Will this increased interest in Bitcoin signal a further drop in pricing of domain categories popular with the Chinese?

That, remains to be seen, and the upcoming insecurity in Europe should a Brexit occur, might also affect global markets.

We keep track of domains that are between 2 to 4 characters in length, that change hands in China. Focusing on the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs, we’ve been covering the trends of the market since last year.

Today’s list begins with a few “Chips” recently sold by legendary domain investor, Elequa:

OK, so the first one isn’t a chip, but we’re certain that it went for a pretty penny. 😉

Here’s the rest of the domain list, courtesy of, the Chinese domain name sales tracker:


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One Response to “Chinese domain market report : Is China going back to Bitcoin?”
  1. Don W says:

    Interesting that the article calls Bitcoin a ‘store of value’.

    I read chips being called the same thing a few months back.


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