Chinese domain market report : No more VPN access in China

The Chinese government wants its citizens to play nice, and refrain from using virtual private networks (VPN) to access forbidden content.

VPNs allow the bypassing of China’s “Great Firewall” aimed at restricting access to overseas web sites.

With that in mind, Apple was ordered to remove VPN apps from its store, and the 15th biggest company in the world obliged, bending over to this fine display of “Communist Capitalism.”

China’s government has already shut down dozens of Chinese VPN providers, and it has been targeting overseas services in order to tighten its control of the Internet.

Meanwhile, Chinese domain sales are hitting a visible plateau; prices are dropping further, and one such prime example is the sale of on NameJet for a paltry $930 dollars.

Sales volume of Chinese “premium letters” is substantially lower than previous months, but perhaps that will change once more sellers attempt to dispose of their domains if prices fall lower.

We have been tracking sales of short domains, between 1 and 4 characters in length, for the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Here is today’s list, spanning July 25th – July 29th, 2017:


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