Chinese domain market report : Pinterest blocked, so much for freedom


The Chinese government added Pinterest to its list of major blocked web sites from the West.

Often referred to as the “Great Firewall of China,” the filtration includes Twitter, Facebook and Google; protecting the Chinese citizens from exposure to Western ideals and “corruption.”

China’s society is at the lowest dissent point in more than a decade, according to Bloomberg. What that means is, that rising against the Chinese government’s socio-political oppression is very low.

That’s not good news for a country asserting to be the world’s second largest economy.

Meanwhile, domain name sales in the Chinese market sustain their momentum; if this continues, we might return to daily reports of China’s domain sales.

We’ve been tracking the exchange of short domains, between 1 to 4 characters in the .COM, .CN and .NET TLDs.

Today’s domain list spans March 12th to March 17th:

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One Response to “Chinese domain market report : Pinterest blocked, so much for freedom”
  1. anonymous says:

    China is the World’s largest prison with currently 1.34 billion prisoners. It is not getting any better over here either. It’s time sheeple woke up and started to vote Libertarian to reduce the size of the government and it’s oppressive rules and regulations asap. imho.

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