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Chinese Domain Market report: QQT, 7312, 688 and which letter is bad in China


Chinese Domain Market report

The domain market in China is erupting, all thanks to a booming economy and the availability of capital.

Legitimate Chinese domain investors roll their money into short two or three letter domains, and two, three or four number ones.

We follow the status changes of such domain names and generate a Chinese Domain Market report on them every few days.

Here’s today’s Chinese Domain Market report:

7312.com – Available for sale.

BKG.com – Available for sale.

JHQ.com – Sold by Mike Gleissner.

JHX.com – Sold by Mike Gleissner.

JHZ.com – Sold by Mike Gleissner.

PJH.com – Available for sale.

QCF.com – Sold to MilllerMaster and not for sale.

QQT.com – Available for sale.

CG.cn – Available for sale.

DQK.com – Sold to MilllerMaster and not for sale.

LNX.com – Available for sale.

NLQ.com – Available for sale.

TYT.com – Available for sale.

CWW.com – Available for sale.

FRJ.com – Available for sale.

JWX.com – Available for sale.

JZH.com – Sold by Mike Gleissner.

QRN.com – Available for sale.

688.cn – Available for sale.

Did you know which letter of the Latin alphabet is the least favorable for Chinese domain buyers?

According to domain investor, George Hong of Guta.com, that’s letter ‘V‘.

The reason: Chinese domain investors prefer consonants that represent Pinyin initials, and ‘V’ isn’t an initial.

Apparently, Chinese domain investors shun vowels as well.

Keep that in mind, when attempting to resell your short domains to Chinese domain buyers! 😉


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