Chinese domain market report : Selling ice to the Eskimo won’t work in China

There’s a reason why the old saying, “selling ice to the Eskimo” still holds plenty of cold water.

Domain investors selling to each-other, especially when it’s a trade between buddies promoting auctions, can only get one that much money.

The market gets saturated with the product and prices drop – simple as that.

Gone are the days that any random combination of “Chinese premiums” would fetch a mighty dollar and a certificate of pride.

No matter how one might want to twist the facts, numbers don’t lie: China’s full of ice, not to mention, black rice domains.

The price drop is real, and the once liquid China-flavored LLLL .com market is becoming solid ice fast.

What does that mean for domain investors?

There are two categories, the Chinese and the Westerners.

The latter, wisely unloaded their “Chips” at the peak of the market, between the end of 2015 to the first half of 2016.

The Chinese crowd continues to consume those “vessels of money” for the same reason as they did before: storage of funds, away from government reach. Hardly any of those domains ever gets developed, they are gambled like chips; with that name, what a surprise!

Sales volume fluctuates, for domains of between 1 to 4 characters that we have been tracking for the past two+ years, focusing on the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs.

Unlike other publications, we have zero benefit from pumping the “Chips” auctions of others; no bias, no affiliate ids, and no agenda with whoever disputes the numbers flashed in their face. But we won’t handhold the ignorant, the stupid, or the dumb. Duh!

Onto today’s list of Chinese domain transactions, spanning May 16th 2017, to May 21st, 2017:

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