Chinese domain market report : Want to start a business venture in China?

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain market report.

China is the world’s 2nd largest economy, thanks to its vigorous implementation of Communist Capitalism and its unique financial model.

The government decides which ventures are hot, and offers subsidies to start-ups that meet its criteria.

Government officials are creating investment funds, providing cash subsidies and building incubators for thousands of Chinese companies in the technology sector.

Manufacturing is less hot these days, and although China’s steel mills produce 10 times that of the US, there is an overcapacity that worries China’s officials.

Along with the government funds, venture capital money is flooding China; more than $49 billion dollars in deals were made in 2015, according to reports from the accounting firm Ernst & Young.

To start a business venture in China, local entrepreneurs tap the resources of business incubators for investors, while receiving government funding.

The Chinese know that state owned enterprises can’t employ everyone. Entrepreneurs, young at age, must create jobs for themselves; the Chinese government’s role is to encourage them to test the waters and create business ventures.

Meanwhile, the Chinese domain market remains in a dormant state, lower than the half-point of the year; the summer doldrums will hopefully fade away as we entered the last quarter of 2016.

Overall, we have not seen many big domain sales in China during the Year of the Monkey, despite some early predictions for the opposite.

We keep track of the Chinese domain market for short domains, including the so-called “Chips.” Domains between 2-4 characters, in the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs is what we’re focusing on.

Here is today’s list of domains:


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