Chinese domain market sales : Baili sued Apple over iPhone copycat

Domain sales Made in China.

Domain sales Made in China.

China is a mass producer of electronics, and as the 2nd largest economy in the world it supplies more than 80% of American holiday gifts.

That number excludes toys, by the way, that is another dominant manufacturing sector for the Chinese.

While the Apple iPhone is assembled in China, the iPhone 6 is facing its own uphill battle there. The Chinese makers of the Baili 100C phone accused Apple of copying its products.

Apple has filed a counter-lawsuit so that the court would eventually throw out these claims, as the two phones don’t resemble each other.

Meanwhile, the Chinese domain market is enjoying a positive growth in recent weeks. Nothing overly spectacular, although a premium two letter .com,, made it to China.

Domain investor, George Kirikos, estimates that Chinese registrants now own 147 of the 676 2-letter .com domain names, or approximately 21.7%.

We keep track of short .CN, .COM and .NET sales of between 2 to 4 characters; here are some domains that changed hands in China in the last 24 hours:

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