Chinese domain market sales : China sends ships to the Pacific!

RIMPAC 2016 - China will participate.

RIMPAC 2016 – China will participate.

The Chinese economy might be struggling at stock market level, but it maintains the biggest army in the world, with 2,285,000 men and women in active service.

Its military fleet is second only to the US, which is why a joint activity in the Pacific will be interesting. China has confirmed it will send military vessels to participate in the multinational naval drill RIMPAC-2016 in the Pacific, joining the US and other countries.

Such army and navy games maintain the balance of power and can have an effect on the respective economies. For now, it’s good to see China’s willingness to participate in a naval exercise under US command.

Domain sales in China has been lukewarm; we are seeing an increase in volume, however, of short (2 to 4 character) domains in the .CN and .COM TLDs.

Today’s list of names is shorter than the past few days, the anomaly being the sale of large “Chip” portfolios, particularly by the Chinese domain investor, Shandongshengcaoxian.

Yes, we know there is a .CC domain included on this list, and that’s an exception we make as single character domain sales are extremely rare in traditional TLDs or ccTLDs, due to Registry restrictions. Don’t take this as an endorsement of .CC on our behalf. 😉


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One Response to “Chinese domain market sales : China sends ships to the Pacific!”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Not sure this qualifies as high enough hopes for the Chinese trend to be sticking around longer. There’s also reports of sales volume drops in other sectors of CHIP related investments. Might just be a musical chairs event going on right now where the smaller investors are cleaning up the left overs. My prediction is that within the next 8 months, some of these CHIP portfolio holders may just find them self stuck and having to take a lose to get out from under the rock. I don’t think the Chinese military will be able to help the investors out of that one. 😉

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