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Chinese domain market sales : China’s wives give good directions

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain market report.

China never ceases to amaze, as the world’s second largest economy expands on its unique “Communist Capitalism” in ways Cuba could not achieve for half a century.

Instead of isolation, Chinese markets are thriving in volume, just about a year after the big stock market crash.

China’s consumerist society is hungry for wealth through financial gambling; that explains the nearly $5 trillion lost last year.

Still, direction is given by a few to the many, and a crazy video of a blind man driving a motorcycle, all while he’s given instructions by his wife, has emerged.

Police found that the man, surnamed Rao, works at a massage parlor in Yichun and goes back to his hometown every month to visit his mother. Sometimes he rides a motorcycle in order to save money on bus tickets.

The Chinese domain market is functioning in a similar fashion, where the “blind” domain investors are taking directions from a few people that have been gaming the system for over a year. The Hong Kong fund reaped its profits and exited right, all while the bag-holders are trying to find creative ways to increase the value of their domain assets.

We keep track of short domains being traded in China, for the .CN, .COM and .NET TLDs. As long as these domains are between 2 and 4 characters in length, you will find them here.

Today’s list of domains contains a nice NN .net and the usual mix of Chips and salsa. 😀 Xie xie ni, BenMi!



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One Response to “Chinese domain market sales : China’s wives give good directions”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    It’s ironic that you used a blind man on a motorcycle video because some of the investments I’ve seen over the last several months actually look like someone invested way to much with the instruction of another. I would venture to guess that another big business opportunity in China is that of a consultant getting paid to advise people where to invest their cash. Now I have to check and see if the Chinese use any over-used identifying words that would give away a consultant one might need to avoid. Kind of like many avoid those seo consultants that use the word “Guru”.

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