Chinese domain market sales : Emptying the ‘Chip’ bag

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

The Hong Kong fund managers that started the game of “Chips” by acquiring and trading large caches of LLLL .com domains definitely got their investment money back.

Meanwhile, a few hundred investors are trading these domains back in hopes of making a fortune. Many have acquired them at the peak of the market, ignoring Sales 101.

Currently, domain spam from China such as the following one arrives daily:

“hello – ****.com do you have this domain for sale? I want to buy this domain name.500RMB or 100USD ok?If you think you can talk about it, please contact me.thanks”

After crashing the “Chips” market, opportunists from China are looking to buy your Western letters, non-Chip domains for a the price of a rice patty. No, thanks.

Domain sales are increasing in volume, which is makes sense as domain investors liquidate their portfolios. Our boy “Ken O’Brien” sold some more yesterday:

That’s 17 more LLLL “Chips” on top of the batch of 7 and another with 16 domains.

The list contains other sellers, of course, for the following short, 2-4 character domains in the .CN and .COM TLDs:

Overall, a very nice chunk of domains changing hands.

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