Chinese domain market sales : Grand portfolio sale of numeric .Net domains

Numbers rule.

Numbers rule.

Chinese domain investors eager to avoid returning to stock market investments, are trying hard to forget that one year milestone of the Big Crash.

We’ve been tracking .COM and .CN domain exchanges in China for many moons now, with very few exceptions.

Today we’ll make an exception, as we have some interesting data on NNN .net sales.

Numeric domains have done very well in China, in almost every TLD, and a portfolio of aged three number .net domains is what we have here, all registered between 1996 and 1997:

We expect more such sales in the future, of NNN and NNNN .net domains, that capture the attention of the number-crazy Chinese. 😉

Our list of short domains continues below. There are a few more domain chips sold by Elequa, who has been making a consistent return to domain sales.

Lastly, the rest of the Chinese domain market sales follow. Enjoy your Friday! 😀

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