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Chinese domain market sales : Half a billion dollars in options expired!

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

It’s war of the numbers in China, where the government controls the yuan‘s strength, refusing to let it devalue according to the market’s indicators.

Hedge funds speculating on the devaluation of the yuan seven months ago, have now lost their bet: At least $562 million dollars in options that pay out if the currency drops below 6.6 per dollar have expired, and another $807 million dollars will lapse within three months.

In other words, don’t expect China’s financial leaders to play nice.

China is indeed full of surprises; the world’s 2nd largest economy is currently perceived as the land of financial opportunity for local investors who, regardless, have lost trillions of dollars in the stock market.

In domain land: Chinese domain market sales continue to remain lukewarm, with a considerably smaller volume of domains being sold.

We keep track of only premium, short .CN and .COM domain transactions of between 2 and 4 characters in length. Nobody really cares about lesser extensions, and if you believe the hype being made over exotic ccTLDs then you have a lot to learn about the wonderful world of domaining.

Today’s list of Chinese domain sales follows:


In other news, it seems that Chinese domain escrow services provider, DN.com is currently being investigated for compliance by the Chinese Government; the field is so ripe for a reputable domain escrow service such as Escrow.com that we generated a humorous story about DNN.com. 😀

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