Chinese domain market sales : Huge drop in China’s exports

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

The Year of the Monkey is carrying on its crazy,  downwards spiral in China.

The footprint of the Chinese economy is massive in volume and any fluctuations bear a tremendous impact across the Asian stock markets.

China’s February exports to key trading partners suffered a huge drop:

  • South Korea: 19.2% loss
  • European Union: 19.8% loss
  • Japan: 20.1.% loss
  • USA: 23.1% loss
  • ASEAN: 33.4% loss
  • Brazil: 56.7% loss

The inability of the Chinese economy to compete can lead to increased job loss, on top of the millions of layoffs of government employees that were announced earlier this month.

The Chinese domain market follows along the same path, with domain investors being skeptical about the value of liquid domain investments long term. Many are apparently holding onto their cash reserves.

We monitor sales of short domain names, between 2 to 4 characters in length, among the Chinese. We only track .CN and .COM domains, the two most popular TLDs by volume in China.

Here are today’s names:

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