Chinese domain market sales : Huge sales volume, as the canary tweets

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

The Chinese domain market started off the 2nd quarter of 2016 with an impressive increase in sales volume.

Most savvy domain investors holding onto “chips” sold their assets in the final quarter of last year, and the proverbial canary in the coalmine has been tweeting ever since.

Now that the prices are falling for the “Chinese premium letters”, domain spammers from China are starting to seek opportunities in the Western letters.

Not a day passes by that offers of $100 aren’t emailed for domains worth 100 times as much, or more.

Back to the sales chart, today’s list of short domains that changed hands in China is quite lengthy.

One of the usual players, “Ken O’Brien,” has been making a killing from domain liquidations recently; today’s list contains 8 more names by Ken.

But there are lots more names, of between 2 to 4 characters in the .CN and .COM TLDs – that’s the top two categories worthy of monitoring.

Here’s today’s list of domains – another 61 for a grand total of 69:

We’re seeing a nice selection of NNNN .com domains along with a few LLL .com domains on this list; the rest is a typical bunch of “chips.”


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