Chinese domain market sales : More debt ahead as margin trading changes

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

China‘s economic expansion is based on a single paradox, the very capitalist consumption its government denounced for decades.

Currently, “Communist Capitalism” encourages spending as a reflection of a healthy economy, but stocks are not only overbought, they are overpriced.

Regardless, the Chinese government just stepped in and changed the rules again.

According to Bloomberg, China Securities Finance Corp., the state-backed agency that provides funding to brokerages for margin trading, will restart offering loans to securities firms at lower interest rates.

Last year, a surge in margin loans fueled the stock boom in the first half and magnified the financial slump of stocks that followed. In other words, we’re looking into a replay of the big boom and subsequent bust of the Chinese stock market in 2015.

Investors leveraging hard-earned cash sought safer investment vessels and found them in domain names.

The big boom in 2015 of short, “chip” domain names was an attempt at gaming the system outside of the stock market’s core; when millions can be shifted under an artificial need for short domains, it’s tempting to continue the game – until it crashes, that is.

Indeed, recent results in Chinese domain sales have been disappointing, as domain investor Joseph Peterson repeatedly analyzed. The beginning of this year has shown a downwards movement of even the most prestigious short domains, LL .com’s.

We keep track of 2 to 4 character domains that changed hands in China; only .CN and .COM are worthy monitoring, in order to shield ourselves and our readers from hype and shameless “pumping” that goes along with secondary domain markets.

Here’s today’s list of domains:

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