Chinese domain market sales : Speculative frenzy once again

Chinese domain sales report.

Chinese domain sales report.

Western analysts have been placing emerging markets such as China under a financial microscope these days.

The speculative frenzy that led to the boom in 2014 and the big crash of 2015 is once again raising its ugly head.

According to Bloomberg:

“In mid-2014, facing a hot housing market, increased corporate indebtedness and a reluctance from households to invest in anything outside of property, the government went on a PR blitz through its network of state-run media outlets, pushing the merits of stock market investment to the greater Chinese populace.

Initially the plan worked. Stocks ripped higher, more than doubling in less than 12 months, providing the environment for firms to swap debt for equity using household savings to purchase new stock issuance.

However, on the back of rampant speculation, a complete disregard for fundamentals and increased use of leverage, the market subsequently tanked, losing 50% from mid-2015 to early February this year.”

Does this ring a bell among domain investors in China?

It should, because the “chips” are way past their peak in December, and the current doldrums can no longer be attributed to drunk parties after the Chinese new year kicked in. Domain portfolio holders are definitely liquidating their assets, in increasing numbers.

Domain investor and analyst, Joseph Peterson, has been keeping it real with data on the performance of LLLL .com domains and other related categories for the past several months.

So what was sold in the past 24 hours in China?

The following hand-curated list, contains short .CN and .COM domains of between 2 to 4 characters in length.

Not all of the LLLL .com domains on today’s list are “Chips;” that stands out, perhaps as a cry of pain among the Chinese domain investors.

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